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Medieval / Pagan / Dark Wave / Folktronica / Contemporary Folk / World Music featuring self written compositions and arrangements of traditional songs and dances from old
European and ancient Oriental cultures, performed with traditional Instruments and layered with electronic soundscapes.
Polyphonic chants meet Medieval shawms and Irish and Oriental flutes, the Celtic harp meets the Oriental lute, jew ´s harp meets didgeridoo, percussion meets driving electronic beats. A hauntingly modern instrumentation creates archetypic images in front of the inner eye and lead into a medieval otherworld full of epic and magic moments.“

The story of „SCHATTENBILDER / SILHOUETTES“ is the mystical, archetypical quest of a human being for his true self, his soul. The path leads him through countless incarnations, silhouettes of his true self, that are characterised by solitude, despair and pain until he finally finds himself face to face with his soul and the cosmic secret of the numerous opportunities of experiencing the mystery of life in order to leave the carmic cycle of birth and rebirth.

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NAM (Latin: "indeed", Sanskrit: "the divine soundstream")

From primeval times on the fertile regions of the Danube have always been a melting pot of different cultures.

As a rich environment and living space for many ancestors: Celts, Germans, Romans and many more the central heart of Europe remains up until today as an intermediary between East and West.

While in Europe of Medieval times epics as the Song of the Nibelungs emerged and drone music has been in full bloom,

even in other parts of the world epics and ballads have been recited and the people contacted the otherworld by using ancient instruments and sounds rich in overtones:

The Australian aborigines played Didgeridoo, die Siberian shamans played jew´s harp and the indigenous people of Africa played mouth bow.
Following these roots & traditions the Ensemble NAM cross-culturally fuses ancient instruments with an old European and old Oriental song treasury, modern soundscapes and visionary

lyrics to an epic, powerful and atmospheric music reflecting in the mirror of Now...

Shawm, Hornpipe, Whistles, Ney, Jew´s Harp, Dulcimer, Dombra, Rübab, Celtic Harp, Recorder, Strumstick, Didgeridoo, Ocarina, Droneflute, Fujara, Overtone Singing, Saz, Davul, Frame Drums, Percussion, Didgeridoo, Sounddesign, Keyboards & Programming



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